The Learnet

Using its deep understanding of your company's documents, our AI represents essential knowledge as a 3D constellation of points. Self-organization emerges spontaneously, in which nearby points correspond to related key concepts.

We call this the Learnet, short for "learning network".

Puzzles about machine learning and protein

Motivating feedback

Learning without feedback is like playing the piano with earplugs on: chances of progress are slim. Luckily, the Learnet provides feedback continuously.

Personalized understanding of each employee is used to highlight mastered concepts and reveal skills gaps. Learners get motivated by the increasing illumination as they progress from novice to expert.

Learnet for novice versus expert

Strategy requires vision

Knowledge is your company's main asset. That's why you need your learning strategy to align with your business strategy.

Our powerful AI organizes your company's key expertise in the most meaningful way. This provides you with visual insights and intuitive analytics across all levels or your operations.

Puzzles about machine learning and protein