21 July 2021

MAGMA wins Shaping the Future of Higher Education

Luiss Guido Carli University and LVenture Group have announced the winners of their Open Innovation project Shaping the Future of Higher Education.

115 applicants were initially shortlisted, coming from many different countries, thanks to Luiss' collaboration with global players like the Swiss EdTech Collider and the Global EdTech Startup Award, the biggest competition for EdTech startups.

MAGMA Learning was selected as the winner of the award, alongside Wybo, ARMarket, and 1001. The winning startups will collaborate with Luiss to enhance their business proposal and scale up their solutions.

The winners will be also able to connect with corporate partners, stakeholders, and the University’s network, starting from the Luiss Alumni 4 Growth (LA4G).

We are honored by this great opportunity offered by Luiss and LVenture!

31 March 2021

MAGMA among Bilan's best startups

Business magazine Bilan has selected MAGMA as one of the best startups in which to invest in 2021! The edition also features a large image of our Founder CEO Maxime Gabella, standing in front of an enlightened Lausanne.

"The startup from Lausanne, member of the Swiss EdTech Collider at EPFL, helps companies and institutes enhance the effectiveness of their training programs thanks to artificial intelligence. Their app ARI 9000 is a personal intelligent tutor that adapts to knowledge levels, interests, and memory capacity of each employee in order to maximize impact on performance. Experiments conducted at EPFL and EHL showed that users of this app recoreded best-in-class performances. A visualization of knowledge motivates employees. The global market for corporate training reached $370 billion in 2019, stimulated by irrepresible trends towards online learning and AI innovations."

12 March 2021

ARI meets Spot

MAGMA has started experimenting with "Spot", Boston Dynamics' canine robot, in collaboration with Workshop 4.0 and Ecole Ardévaz. With its world-class agility and mobility, Spot will become the eyes and ears of ARI 9000 with the mission to help learners develop their emotional intelligence to the fullest!

8 March 2021

ARI for network electricians

MAGMA is proud to announce a new collaboration with CIFER!
Our personal AI tutor ARI will contribute to CIFER's mision to valorize the profession of network electrician with training programs at all levels. ARI is looking forward to connecting his artificial neural networs to Swiss power networs :)

8 March 2021

WIPO patent examination training

A partnership with WIPO Match lead to the developement of a version of ARI 9000 dedicated to the training of patent examiners in 19 African countries.

29 January 2021

Article in PME Magazine

Great article about MAGMA Learning and our CEO Maxime Gabella in PME Magazine!

11-14 January 2021

MAGMA Learning at CES 2021

MAGMA Learning is one of the startups representing Switzerland at CES 2021 (Consumer Electronics Show), the most influential tech event in the world.

5 January 2021

FIT Digital Seed

MAGMA Learning wins the Digital Seed award from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).

2 January 2021

New design for ARI 9000

Version 1.3.0 of our personal AI tutor app is out! The new design is inspired by glassmorphism, which lets the learner intuitively perceive that every interaction is taken into account by ARI in the background to further personalize the learning experience.

3 December 2020

MAGMA Learning wins Vesalius Innovation Award

MAGMA Learning wins the first Vesalius Innovation Award organized by Karger Publishers in Basel. Cutting-edge natural language processing can revigorate the publishing sector by transforming inert books into interacting experiences, personalized to each reader.

12 November 2020

"Startup to follow"

MAGMA Learning is mentioned as one of the two startups to follow by Roman Bruegger, the director of the Swiss EdTech Collider at EPFL!

29 September 2020

Startup Champions Seed Night 2020

MAGMA Learning was among the 18 most promising startups of the year at EPFL.

16 July 2020

Podcast for Boundless

Maxime Gabella discusses the positive impact of AI on human curiosity and creativity with Richard Foster-Fletcher.

"In the future, everyone will love their work."

18 March 2020

ARI 9000 for 1500 EPFL courses

MAGMA Learning's AI generated microlearning programs for 1500 EPFL courses to help students consolidate their mastery of key concepts.

11 February 2020

Venture Kick’s financial and entrepreneurial support

MAGMA Learning wins the Digital Grant from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).

7 February 2020

Interview à Couleur 3

Interview of MAGMA Learning's CEO Maxime Gabella at the radio station Couleur 3 (in French).

3 February 2020

FIT Digital Grant

MAGMA Learning wins the Digital Grant from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).

27 January 2020

AI & Education at AMLD 2020

MAGMA Learning organized 10 talks around AI & Education at the Applied Machine Learning Days at EPFL.

Learning is a key factor of success throughout our lives (from early childhood to professional excellence), and yet educational approaches have evolved surprisingly little since Ancient Greece. However, recent progress in artificial intelligence enables us to fulfill the dream of personalized learning for unprecedented efficiency.

In this track, AI researchers, education scientists, and EdTech entrepreneurs discuss how they apply machine learning to enhance human intellect, curiosity, and creativity.

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