From concepts to competences

Competences are complex combinations of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that lead to increased performance. According to learning sciences, an efficient approach to acquire competences is to break them down into simple concepts.

Microlearning is the process of consolidating the mastery of these building blocks, and of connecting them gradually to construct competences.


Automatic generation

Coming up relevant microlearning contents can be very time-consuming, specially if you're trying to cater to the large diversity of your employees. We use some of the most powerful AI models ever developed to generate microlearning contents automatically.

Our algorithms analyze your existing training materials (PDFs, PowerPoints, etc.) and identify the key concepts and ideas. They then reformulate them into a variety of interactive microlearning contents such as puzzles, summaries, multiple-choice questions, true/false statements, and many more.

Microlearning generation

Applicable to your sector

Hard skills, soft skills: any skills that matter to the success of your activities can be enhanced with microlearning.

Our AI has already processed thousands of documents from all business sectors and generated digital microlearning contents at scale.

Microlearning puzzles for corporate learning