Ari is a personal AI tutor enabling you to learn any topic you want in the most fruitful way.

Ari is both short for Aristotle, who tutored Alexander the Great, and a contraction of "Artificial intelligence".

Ari uses machine learning to understand what interests you the most and to devise optimal study plans that fit your personal learning style.


Your Learnet (from "learning network") provides a dynamical visualization of your knowledge.

Each vertex represents a topic, like "Physics" or "Renaissance", and its brightness indicates how much you know about it. The more you learn, the more your Learnet lightens up!

Ari discovers your passions

As you move around your Learnet, you can select a topic and read facts about it (extracted from Wikipedia or other sources).

If you find a fact interesting, Ari will show you more related facts. Otherwise, he will introduce you to different topics that he believes you will like. Soon enough, Ari will have learned what fascinates you and will help you deepen your knowledge.

Proximal development

Ari also helps you explore new topics within your zone of proximal development. In your Learnet, this zone is the boundary between light and dark regions, between knowledge and ignorance.

By letting you discover nearly familiar topics, Ari will widen your curiosity with optimal stimulations — neither too easy nor too hard.

Personalized challenges

Ari tests your knowledge in a variety of ways, for example by challenging you to reposition missing keywords in a sentence, or by finding connections between distant topics. He progressively adapts to your cognitive style and boosts your performance by tailoring challenges that are the most meaningful and relevant to you.

Ari constantly models your knowledge of any topic and improves your long-term retention by spacing the repetition of your learning content.

Collaborative learning

Ari will pair you with other learners in a variety of competitive or collaborative online games. Fulfilling missions will allow you to level up and to unlock new regions of your Learnet.


Advanced learners will gradually be introduced to research articles about topics that they master. Group discussions will be facilitated and will naturally lead to research projects.

The creation of new knowledge is simply learning from reality :)