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Boost your students' learning potential and performances


Personalized learning develops curiosity and creativity


Visualize students' progress and improve your lessons


Promote continuous learning for a successful future

Every student is unique

An ideal education would take into account the personality of each student: interests, knowledge levels, memory abilities, etc. This may sound impossible, but personal AI tutors can help you get there!

Company knowledge analysis and visualization

Personalized learning

The AI tutor adapts to each student to make learning as efficient and fruitful as possible: your students revise the right content at the right moment! Long-term retention is guaranteed by the well-established psychological principle of spaced repetition.

Quizzes based on your courses

Relevant questions are generated automatically from your teaching material. By solving fun puzzles, students easily assimilate vocabulary, historical events, or scientific concepts.

Puzzles about machine learning and protein

Visualize continuous progress

Get constant feedback on how your students are progressing and which concepts they find the hardest. This will help you fix knowledge gaps and increase the quality of your courses. Many exams will even become superfluous!

Puzzles about machine learning and protein

Our AI tutors are used at top institutions!

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Harvrad University Stanford University


"I'm always surprised to see that the AI tutor knows exactly what I should be learning at any time."
Master student
Master student in Computer Science

"Students who regularly used MAGMA's app performed up to 20% better at the final exam."
EPFL Professor Martin Jaggi
Prof. Martin Jaggi
Machine Learning and Optimization

"I enjoy solving puzzles whenever I have a break in my day, between meetings or in line at the cafeteria."
Bachelor student
Bachelor student in Finance
Stanford University

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