Corporate learning

Improve the effectiveness of your training programs

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Boost the impact of training programs on performance and competitiveness


Fix skills gaps and consolidate knowledge towards transformative innovations


Improve the company-employee fit and recruit complementary talents


Stimulate a culture of continuous learning throughout your organization

What knowledge is essential to your success?

Our AI tutor assesses training needs in your company and identifies key concepts for your business activities.

Company knowledge analysis and visualization

Automatic quiz creation

Engaging puzzles are generated on all topics from your training material: management, technology, digitization, engineering, etc. Gamification motivates learners to excel.

Puzzles about knowledge economy and meritocracy

Continuous learning

Employees build up their skills by solving the most relevant puzzles at the most relevant time. Their knowledge gets consolidated for long-term performance.

Continuous learning by employees improves forgetting curves


The AI tutor quickly learns the knowledge levels and memory abilities of each employee in order to maximize learning efficiency.

Personalized learning between the AI tutor and the employee

Corporate knowledge vision

Implement the best learning strategies to stay competitive! Personalized learning paths facilitate employee upskilling and innovation absorption.

Puzzles about machine learning and protein

Discover how you can enhance learning in your organization!

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