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Maximize the effect of training on business performance


Transform employee knowledge and fix skills gaps


Improve the fit between company and employees


Stimulate a culture of continuous learning

You want your employees to go from theory to practice...

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Here's how Artificial Intelligence can help you succeed:

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Automatic microlearning generation

Your current training materials are processed by the most powerful AI models in the world and transformed into active microlearning contents.

Scale up your digital learning offerings effortlessly following solid pedagogical principles.

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Intelligent personalization

As your employees learn, our AI also learns about them. This creates a virtuous circle where the learning process becomes more and more personalized with each interaction.

Microlearning trajectories adapted to the many different knowledge levels, objectives, and abilities of your employees lead to superior effectiveness.

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The Learnet

Seeing their continuous progress provides your employees with motivation and confidence. The Learnet is a self-organized space of knowledge that highlights their strengths and weaknesses.

The Learnet also provides trainers and managers with strategical insights about key expertise across all levels of your company.

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Hi! I'm ARI, your personal AI tutor

Our app ARI 9000 acts like a personal AI tutor for your employees and helps them realize their fullest potential, leading to long-term business growth.

ARI builds a dynamic model of the mind of each learner. This makes it finally possible to apply the best practices from learning science for maximal performance.


See ARI 9000 in action:

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